Professional Spring Repair Services in south central iowa

Is your door making loud noises when you open or close it? A possible reason for this might be due to damaged or broken door springs. Dre’s Garage Door Service offers a solution for your squeaky garage door with its spring repair services. Our experts will carefully inspect the spring to determine whether they are broken or need lubrication. If the springs are just rusty, our expert will lube them, and your garage door will be back in its working condition, but if it requires spring replacement, the door will have to unscrew to install new springs.

Fitting Solutions For Your Garage Door Problems

It is our utmost responsibility to apply repairs that are not just temporary but make your garage door function exceptionally. Our professionals will use their knowledge to make the right amends to the springs that are compact and allow your garage door to withstand the shifting weight during its motion. We are always ready to revisit you if, in any case, your garage door causes problems even after our repairs.

Why Choose Us


We ensure to disclose all the relevant information to our clients so that they understand the work to be done and don’t feel misguided about the process or our pricing.

Flexible Hours

Our professionals are available around the clock to help you with your garage door problems and help you keep a secure environment at your home.

Informative Professionals

Our team will answer all your queries and concerns about your garage door and advise you on how to maintain your garage door effectively.

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