Safety Sensors Installation in south central iowa

It is self-explanatory that the safety sensors provide a security measure that stops the garage door if something is in its way or nearby the determined radius. We at Dre’s Garage Door Service will install advanced safety sensors on your garage door to avoid mishaps. We have the know-how to properly attach the sensors to your door and ensure they act on their intended purpose without any issues. Our professionals will conduct tests to have complete assurance that the sensors are working perfectly, so you and your loved one are not exposed to any risks.

A Service You Can Trust

Even though setting up sensors for your garage door can be quite easy, it is not advisable to take matters into your own hands and install them yourself because an accident might occur due to even a slight malfunction. Our professionals have installed safety sensors for numerous clients and are aware of the do’s and don’ts that can save you a lot of hassle and prevent future inconveniences. So leave your safety up to us and relax.

Why Choose Us

Consistent Outcomes

We ensure with our work tactics to provide all our clients with the best outcomes that make them contented with our services and save them money and hassle.

Personalized Service

Our professionals will understand the uniqueness of your garage door and provide installation, repairs, and maintenance according to your garage system and its dimensions.

Licensed And Insured Company

Dre’s Garage Door Service is a state-recognized company and offers insurance in case during our work any inconvenience is caused by our representative.

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