Reliable Opener Repair Services in south central iowa

Fixing a garage door opener may be a difficult task, and it is critical to have the necessary skills and tools to do the work safely and properly. At Dre’s Garage Door Service, you can find all that is required to provide your garage door with a perfect repair. Our professional will start by inspecting the garage door opener to identify the source of the problem. After inspection, they will apply appropriate repairs to the damaged parts, whether it concerns frayed wires or damaged components.

A Comprehensive Service

Even if your garage opener has no faults with the components or the wiring, it can malfunction for other reasons that can concern the garage door settings or because of the accumulated rust on the openers. Our professionals will adjust the force or limit settings as well as lubricate any moving parts of the garage door opener to ensure they operate smoothly and quietly.

Why Choose Us

Knowledgable Technicians

Our employees are highly skilled and have a vast experience in garage door services. We have repaired hundreds of garage doors, so no issue is unfamiliar.

Affordable Charges

We offer our services at a reasonable rate so that a diverse customer base can avail of our services and get their garage door repaired to its original functionality.

Free Estimates

We provide an accurate and free-of-cost estimate for your garage door repairs so you can vary your options and adjust your budget to the range in which you want the repairs.

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